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Written by Dan O’Sullivan   
Wednesday, 04 May 2011 04:44
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Legends of the Sport: Denny Brauer
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Family and Memories
Shirley Brauer started traveling with her husband in 1984, and she hasn’t stopped since. Brauer said that having his family on the road with him made things much easier and more enjoyable. “Shirley has always been there for me, she and Chad (his son) have been a part of every major occurrence in my career, and that means so much to me,” Brauer said of his family. “She takes care of all of the day to day operations so that I can go out there and fish, I couldn’t do it without her, and wouldn’t want to. Besides, she gives a great back rub, which is important too,” he said with a giggle.”


Of all of his accomplishments as a world class angler, Brauer is proudest of his son. “I’ve watched as Chad has become a world class angler, a television host (of Academy Outdoors television show) and more importantly a tremendous husband and father to his children,” the elder Brauer said. “I couldn’t be prouder of the man he is or the career that he has built for himself, but I’m proudest of the family man he is. He really is a great father, and he loves his family so much.”

With all of that love and support around him through the years, Brauer has always had someone to share his successes with. “From sealing up the BASS and FLW Angler of the Year titles, to winning Megabucks and the Superstars to finally winning the Bassmaster Classic; they’ve been there for all of it,” said Brauer. “Shirley has seen it all, and Chad was even a competitor in the field of the Classic when I won in 1998, it was really special to share all of that with them.”

Another thing that was special in claiming his Classic trophy was that his mother was able to witness it as well, “we flew mom out that year, and it was her first time being at a Classic,” he said. “It was my 16th trip to the Classic, and to lift that trophy in front of my mom, my wife and my son made it all that much more rewarding.”

Decades of Change
Having been a part of the sport for nearly three decades, Brauer has seen all of the advancements made in technology that the sport of bass fishing has brought forth, and he has been a part of much of it. “When I think about where the fishing world has come in the past 30 years, it’s almost staggering,” Brauer said of the new products he has seen over the years. “It’s impossible to pick any one item that has made the biggest impact, but each category has some amazing examples.”

“Boats and Motors are probably what most folks would look at as the biggest impact makers because they are such a big ticket item,” he opined. “If I compare my first Ranger / Evinrude package in 1978 to the big Rangers and Etec outboards I run today, I can’t help but be blown away.”

He said that technology has played an important part in every other category as well. “From my first flipping stick, to the rods and reels I use today, everything is so much more advanced,” he said. “The material in rods is space aged, and the reels have come so far. In fact, we’re seeing our first ‘technique specific’ reel in the Ardent F500 Flip and Pitch, which I was skeptical of at first, but have seen a difference in my fishing with it.”

“Trolling motors and fishfinders have improved, as have the lines and lures we use today; every improvement has made the sport more enjoyable, and anglers more effective,” he said of the industry. “I’m grateful that I have been able to be a part of the evolution, from lures with Strike King, hooks with Mustad, to fishing line, to boats and motors and rods and reels, I’ve been a part of some pretty cool stuff.”

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