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Written by Dan O’Sullivan   
Wednesday, 04 May 2011 04:44
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Legends of the Sport: Denny Brauer
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The flipping stick and his trademark black and blue jig will always be the first image in the minds of fishing fans when the name of Denny Brauer is mentioned. While the first thought will be only that, his partnerships with his sponsors have brought several products to the market that will forever bear his touch.

The first release of the Denny Brauer Pro Model Jig brought the best of all facets of a flipping jig to the forefront, the head designed by Brauer penetrated cover perfectly, and anglers the world over experienced the benefit of his experience.

When tube fishing became popular, not solely for deep, clear water with a jig head, but rather for flipping into heavy cover, it was Brauer and Strike King that made a bait designed for the application. The Pro Model Flipping Tube was the first to incorporate a thicker head design that would accept his large Mustad flipping hooks without tearing, and the longer 4 1/2" profile made for a better presentation in the water. When paired with his Tru-Tungsten Denny Brauer Flipping Weights and a Mustad wide gap flipping hook, they make a perfect flipping package.

When he went back the drawing board with Strike King and came up with a new jig design that incorporated new rattles, a new head design and a better way to hold onto jig trailers, especially his 3X Plastics Denny Brauer Chunk, which is made with Elaztech material.

Each of them are products that he uses on tour, they have been his tools for decades.


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