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Written by BassFactory   
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 07:46

On Tour with Tru-Tungsten
The New Shad Walker

Fred “Boom Boom” Roumbanis, Bassmaster Elite Series angler

Tru-Tungsten has a new topwater, soft plastic bait that is absolutely dynamite! It’s no exaggeration to say it’s one of the most innovative baits I’ve seen in a long, long time. This bait is truly bad to the bone.

You’ll remember I’ve said in the past that in many cases throwing a frog really amounts to imitating a baitfish. We humans see a frog working its way across the surface of the water. A bass sees a baitfish, or at least I think that’s what it sees. I know, there’s a gap in perception here, but bear with me. Something small running across the surface says, “Eat me Mr. Bass!”

Well, Tru-Tungsten has closed that human-bass gap with their newest bait called the Shad Walker. The Shad Walker is basically a hollow body bait that looks and acts like an injured baitfish. It’s what we topwater addicts have been looking for.

Let’s begin by talking size. That’s really the first factor in matching the hatch on any given body of water. The Shad Walker is 4 inches long, and one inch and a half wide at its widest point. That’s big enough to get their attention yet small enough not to scare them off.

And, with a weight at 1/2 ounce it can be handled on a wide variety of tackle. That’s important. Let’s face it; most bass anglers can’t buy any more specialty rods and reels for each individual lure. It’s simply getting too expensive. Our tackle needs to be multipurpose and good quality.

The six original choices of colors are off the charts! The Shad Walker is going to be offered in Shad, Bluegill (bream to some of you guys), Baby Bass, Pearl White, Golden Shiner and Big Sexy. You will absolutely find a color that resembles a bait fish swimming in a freshwater lake near you.

The most important feature with this lure is its action and its ability to catch bass-period! A large part of that fish catching ability is because this lure can “walk the dog” and at the same time displace water like no other hollow bodied lure on the market. This bait is just downright incredible! It’ll walk in 12-inch sweeps or one inch darts. Basically, it’ll give you whatever action you need or want at any given time. It is the easiest “walk the dog” bait you will every fish in your life. People that could not “walk the dog” before are going to go crazy when they try this bait out.

The importance of this type of topwater fishing cannot be overstated. There are times when baitfish barely hover on top of the water. They hardly even twitch or move. Upon other occasions, however, they dart around like they’re on steroids. Bass are sensitive to that and this bait can mimic it all. If you’re going to trick them into biting your lure you need to be able to make it look and act natural. Action is a big part of that.

This bait looks so natural that I’ve actually had birds dive on it. They try to eat it thinking it’s the real thing. I know that sounds bizarre but it’s true. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion and on more than one body of water. (No, I’ve never gone so far as to set the hook on one.)

It’s also a great choice of weapons when you’re fishing bluegill beds in the summertime. Work the Bluegill - Shad Walker over the top of the bed and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The strikes will be explosive and bone-jarring, not to mention a whole lot of fun.

No discussion of the Shad Walker would be complete without mentioning some key features. Such as the built-in tungsten rattles which are located inside the body of the bait. The tungsten rattles will help attract more bass to this lure. The Shad Walker also has what we have called a Pro Drain Hole, which is located on the tail fin of the bait. The drain hole allows you to cast over and over without having to worry about your bait filling up with water. Also the incredible hooking system this bait employs allows you to increase your hook up percentages. Its double hook protrudes from this bait is the real deal. These features, along with a super soft hollow body really increases your hook ups.

The Shad Walker will walk through and over the thickest weeds, lily pads and grass without hanging up. Just keep it coming towards you, you’ll be fine. From my experience fishing with this lure it rarely gets snagged or stuck in anything other than a bass’s mouth!

I said earlier that you can fish the Shad Walker with a wide variety of rods, reels and line. That’s true. Nevertheless, like most baits it’ll perform better with some types of tackle than with other types. I’ll give you my choices and then you can make up your own mind.

My rod choice would be a new one that I designed for iRod; it is 7 foot, 5 inches long with a heavy action. We call it the “Fred’s Frog Stick” rod but it’ll do a great job on almost any plastic topwater lure. It has a soft enough tip that helps with casting distance and accuracy along with enough backbone to handle big fish in tight quarters. And, it’s reasonably priced so that it’ll fit into almost any fishing budget.

Your fishing line choice is next in importance. I throw the Shad Walker on 50-pound-test P-Line braid. This high-quality braid keeps the bait on top and allows me to work it without the hassle and inconvenience of stretch. Braid also helps control big bass when you have to pull him out of any cover.

Almost any high-quality reel will do the job. Gear ratio is mostly a matter of personal choice.

One final thought about the new Tru Tungsten Shad Walker. Take some time to learn how to fish this bait. I can’t tell you enough about its incredible versatility. This bait can be fished through the heaviest of cover, walked erratically in open water, subtle twitched or wide darting action. I can promise you that this bait will out fish all other topwater lures on the market. Remember, let the fish dictate the desired action needed to entice a vicious strike. The design of this lure is truly an innovative work of art and I want to congratulate the management team at Tru Tungsten for a job well done!

Fred “Boom Boom”…

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