Welcome back fishing legend Bill Siemantel as a contributor to Bass West USA magazine in 2011!

Bill will be featured in a new piece called:


What is interesting about Keepin' It in the BBZ pieces is they could be any size... short yet quippy page fillers here or there of 100 or 200 words - but amazing insightful stuff that only Bill Siemantel knows, which he'll share with you, our readers.

Or Keepin' it in the BBZ could be a full page or double page column in some issues.

It's dynamic like that!

Plus Bill will do some amazing special feature stories for Bass WEST USA.

How about using a Power Pole to fish deep water? Bill will reveal amazing things in this piece

Have you ever tried lead core line trolling for bass ? Or maybe you don't want to go the lead core line route, but want to learn the little-known ins and outs of flat line trolling for bass?

You'll be privvy to all that and more unique features from Bill Siemantel in the pages of Bass West USA in 2011!

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