2010 was a stellar year for ima pro Bill Lowen from North Bend, Ohio. He finished 20th in the Bassmaster Elites, easily qualifying for the 2011 Bassmaster Classic, Feb. 18-20, on the Louisiana Delta out of New Orleans.

The 2011 Classic is important to Lowen for another reason too. It marks the culmination of 18 months that he spent collaborating with lure engineers at ima Japan in order to perfect Bill's new signature bait, the ima Square Bill.

Lowen was key in the design of this new bait. and it will be released at the Bassmaster Classic in February 2011. Visit Booth #2004 at the Classic to see and buy the new ima Square Bill.

"The new ima Squarebill is a shallow-running cover contact crank that combines everything I ever wanted in a hand-made balsawood bait with the durability and consistency of an injection-molded hard plastic crank," says Bill Lowen.

"I was raised fishing shallow water, using balsa baits hand-made by 4-5 guys in this area of Ohio where I am from, and everyone in the fishing world knows that hand-made balsa cranks act different than plastic production run baits. Many lure manufacturers have tried before, but to me no plastic lure has ever truly been like balsa yet."

"So what I wanted to do (and succeeded at) was take everything that I liked about the 4-5 different hand-made balsa baits I know and love, and incorporate all that into the ima Squarebill, a plastic crank."

"I wanted a square bill crankbait that would run a little shallower than most others on the market. Most square bills run in the 4-6 foot depth range. My bait is designed so you may fluctuate its depth range from 1-3 feet by varying the line diameter and/or the rod tip position. The key reason for wanting it to swim so shallow is that most other square bills, by going a little deeper, they end up digging really hard in the dirt, and you waste half

your cast because you get mired down in the muck and the dead leaves laying on the bottom."

"If you study what's going on, even in 4-6 feet of water, most of the cover you are trying to contact sits a few feet higher off the bottom anyway. So by not digging too deep, the ima Square Bill can get up in shallow water and bang through the cover, not digging the empty open expanses between cover where other cranks waste much of your cast."

ima Square Bill
Length: 2-1/4" (55mm)
Weight: 3/8 oz (10g)
Type: Shallow Crank 0-3 ft

For more information go to www.imalures.com or visit Booth #2004 at the Classic to see and buy the new ima Square Bill.