Here at Amistad I can report some good news… the post-spawn period is over and the fishing on the lake is picking up again as the bigger fish are on the prowl. The morning and evening bite continues to be the best times to fish although the grass is getting much taller and the bass relating to it are aggressive throughout the day. Schooling activity can be found throughout the lake as well and on some morning the topwater bite it awesome. Lake Amistad water temps are now right at 80 degrees. The lake’s water level has dropped fairly fast over the last couple weeks and is now approx. 1113 ft above sea level.

Current Patterns -
Shallow: Topwaters are very effective in the early morning hours in the shallows. Some very good areas of pond weed are starting to show up as well, so get out your El Grande Lures Sapo buzz frogs and get in on the action. Swimbaits continue to produce a few but quality strikes in the shallows. Some of the other techniques that have been producing shallow are crankbaits and spinnerbiats

Mid-Depth: Grass in this depth zone is growing fast and holding good numbers of bass. Also look for areas with good tree lines near drop offs to target some bigger fish with lead headed swimbaits like the Optimum Titan in the 15-25 foot depths. Carolina rigged plastics and dragging jigs have been continuing to produce as well. This mid-depth zone is where many of the bigger fish are holding.

Deep: The deep bite is much more consistent now with fish moving out due to the rise in water temperatures. Drop-shot, Texas rig and Carolina rig have been productive.

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See you on the Lake,
Kurt Dove